is 5 months old and she is looking for her forever home πŸ₯° this little lady was so tiny and so scared when she first arrived at the shelter πŸ’” She barely moved and only came out of her little box to eat. She has transformed over the last few months. She is still a little nervous, but if you approach her slowly and gently she is a bundle of affection πŸ₯°

She is very gentle and would love to know the comforts that a forever home could give her. Due to her age and size, she will need to be kept STRICTLY indoors until she is old enough to be spayed.

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is 11 months old and she is currently in foster. She would love to find a family that will love her and home that she can stay in forever πŸ’•

Because she is already living in a home environment she is very well socialized and will adapt to any new home quite quickly. She is spayed, vaccinated and litter trained. She is currently living with adult cats, tiny kittens, dogs and children with no issues whatsoever. She is very playful, but so gentle with the baby kittens that are in foster with her. She really would make a great family pet in any home

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Beautiful Nala πŸ₯° She was found under a bush in Ballintubber 2 months ago with a badly injured leg and pneumonia πŸ’” A few weeks rest and her leg repaired itself and is working perfectly now. Antibiotics to help clear her chest and she is a new lady.

She is a complete sweetheart πŸ’– She is very gentle in nature and happily observed everyone and everything around her as she recovered. She was the best patient and now she is looking for a forever home 🏠

She will need to keep kept STRICTLY indoors to ensure her lungs can get stronger. She also needs to be spayed, but we would like to give her some more time before she needs to have another surgery.


Jellybean is 6 months old and she is looking for her forever home. She is a new arrival at the centre and so far she seems to be a little shy, but curious and playful. She is spayed and we would love to see her settle into a nice home. She will need a little time to settle in as she has not had much stability lately and is a little confused with her new surroundings

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Yogi & Boo

Say hello to Yogi & Boo πŸ₯° Aren’t they simply devine?! Yogi is male and Boo is female. They are both around 6 months old. They are a little nervous but gaining confidence all the time. Yogi really looks out for Boo and is a great big brother πŸ’–

They could be homed as partly indoor, partly outdoor cats but would need to have someone tocheck their ears regularly as white cats are more prone to cancer of the ears. Nothing a little sun protection won’t solve 😁

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Little Juniper is only 6 weeks old but she is full of curiosity and enthusiasm for life πŸ₯° She loves to interact with everyone and seems to be completely unaware of how tiny she is 😁 She is a joy to be with πŸ’– Her playfulness and happy nature would being a smile to anyone’s face

Due to her age and size, she will need to be kept STRICTLY indoors for at least 4 to 5 months until she is old enough to be spayed.

Briar (reserved)

Little Briar was one of a litter of 4 that was born here at the shelter 10 weeks ago. She is a gorgeous little girl πŸ₯° She is a little shy but becoming more and more curious all the time and is the first of the litter to come forward to say hello to the volunteers.

She would be best suited to a home with older children that won’t be too loud or boisterous but still want to engage and play with her while Briar gets to know everyone πŸ’•

Due to her age and size, she will need to be kept STRICTLY indoors for at least 3 to 4 months until she is old enough to be spayed.

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Look at this adorable boy πŸ₯° This is JB. He is 13 weeks old and has had his first vaccination. He is currently in foster and although he can be a little shy at first, he has a fine motor once he gets purring πŸ˜‚

His favorite food is sardines in tomato sauce ☺️ He is great with other cats of various ages and is curious about the dog, so he should be fine with a calm dog.

Due to his age and size, he will need to be kept STRICTLY indoors for at least 3 to 4 months until he is old enough to be neutered

Skye & Sonny

are 6 week old siblings that re looking for a forever home together πŸ’• They are 2 of the 4 kittens that lost their 6 month old mother to a traffic accident. That have spent the last month in foster and are now ready to find their forever home.

Skye is female and Sonny is male. They are curious and playful and completely adorable. They are living with adult cats, younger kittens, large dogs and young children so they will adapt to pretty any family home. πŸ₯°

Due to their age and size, they will need to be kept STRICTLY indoors for at least 3 to 4 months until they are old enough to be neutered.

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