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Bobsley and Paulie.mp4 Bobsley and Paulie.mp4
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Bobsley and Paulie

have been waiting for their forever home for nearly 2 years.

They spent some time in foster and are perfectly suited to live indoors with a family. Both boys are around 2 years old. They are neutered and litter trained.

Bobsley came in as a stray kitten with very bad cat flu and Paulie was found at 8 weeks old. He was on the street alone and absolutely petrified.

Bobsley is a bundle of affection and just loves attention.

Paulie is more shy. It takes Paulie a while to come out of his shell. Bobsley is more outgoing and gives Paulie a bit more confidence and for that reason we are looking for someone that will take both of them together

They will need a fairly quiet home with older kids that will allow Paulie time to adjust. Bobsley is a long haired cat and will require regular brushing and grooming to ensure his coat doesn’t get matted.

Since they have come to the shelter, Paulie has really grown in confidence and interacts really well with the other cats and the volunteers. He just needs a little time to adjust to change πŸ’–

We are praying that someone out there can see how beautiful these two boys are and give them a chance at living in a loving home and getting the love and attention they really deserve 

Domino.mp4 Domino.mp4
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Domino is a 1 year old female cat and she is looking for her forever home 🏠 Another cat that was born here at the centre and has never had the chance to experience what a proper family home is like πŸ’”

Domino is quite shy but she is friendly and well socialised. She is great with the other cats and is gaining confidence all the time. She would make a lovely family pet for older children who wouldn’t overwhelm her by crowding her space. She is very gentle and not demanding in any way. She has watched a lot of cats leave with families over the last year and is patiently waiting for her turn πŸ₯° she has so much potential

Basil, Sage, Molly.mp4 Basil, Sage, Molly.mp4
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Sage, Molly and Basil

Sage (female), Molly (female) and Basil (male) are almost a year old and they are looking for their forever homes. They can be adopted individually or together. Sage is the shyest of the three and could benefit from being adopted with either Basil or Molly πŸ’•

They are all quite shy and reserved and would be best suited to a quiet adult only home or a home with older children that won’t invade their space and allow them to adjust at their own pace. Alternatively they could live happily as outdoor cats as long as they have a safe dry sheltered space to live in. They have all been neutered/spayed.

They ask for very little and would not be demanding in any way πŸ₯°


is 10 months old and she is another girl who has been with us since she was a little baby. She is still dreaming of her forever home πŸ’”

She loves attention, but she can use her teeth a little bit when she gets excited and when she is playing. For this reason we would recommend older kids that understand this is only in a playful way. 

She is a gorgeous cat with beautiful eyes and loves getting attention from the volunteers. 

June.MOV June.MOV
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is around 1 year old and and she is looking for her forever home
Lily needs an experienced cat owner. She can be a bit scratchy and very much decides herself on when she likes to be handled or not. So she would be best suited to a home with older kids who will understand this.

She is quite independent but happily entertains herself. She loves snuggling up in a cozy bed for lots of snoozes.

Lily is spayed and very clean in the Cattery. She is a gorgeous girl with stunning eyes and beautiful coloring.

Yara, Zillow and Carl

These three cats came to us as young scared kittens.
The volunteers have worked wonders with them and they are coming along really well.
Yara (male), Zillow (male) and Carl (male).
They are around 10 months old.
Yara and Zillow will probably suit outdoor, but they are getting friendlier.
Carl is coming along nicely and could do well indoor as a pet with patience.


is a 1 year old male cat that arrived to us recently. He is a really friendly little man and just loves belly rubs πŸ₯° Unfortunately he had to have his tail amputated but he has recovered well and is enjoying all the attention form the volunteers. He still has to be neutered as the Vetinary team wanted to address his tail surgery first. He would suit a home with older kids as he can be a tiny bit scratchy without meaning any harm


is 12 months old and he arrived with Yogi & Boo. He is a friendly boy and we think he would live very happily as an outdoor cat as he is neutered. Access to indoors would be a bonus for him. He would need to have someone check his ears regularly as white cats are more prone to cancer of the ears. Nothing a little sun protection won’t solve 😁

He would love to be able to get out and explore and have a safe place to return to when he is finished having his adventures.

Bear.mp4 Bear.mp4
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is a 4yo neutered male who has been in long-term foster care but now needs to find his forever home.
He has always been a mix of an indoor/outdoor cat and is happiest being able to come and go as he pleases. He is great with children and dogs don't particularly phase him too much.
He is an incredibly calm and chilled out cat with the odd burst of zoomies here and there.
He originally came in to foster care due to a medical condition which is easily controlled with a wet-food diet and maintaining a healthy weight. As is common with a lot of overweight neutered males, he had a bout of bladder stones, but has had no issues for the past year.
He is a hunter, but wears a collar with a bell to scare off any birds he may get too close to.
He really is a dote of a cat, loves nothing more than curling up on top of your lap or in a sun trap and snoozing away for the day.
He is litter trained but always goes to the toilet outside anyways. He has lived with dogs and happily curls up with them and is pretty much the ideal household companion!

Alpine and Midnight

are two male cats around 11 months old. They came in separately to the centre and initially they were very very nervous But being together seemed to help them settle in and it seems like they have been together forever πŸ₯°

Midnight is now very affectionate and he loves attention and lots of cuddles. Alpine has come out of his shell and is very comfortable being lifted up and getting a cuddle from the volunteers here…. Whenever Midnight gives him a chance at sharing the attention πŸ˜‚

They can be adopted separately but it would be lovely to see them find a home together πŸ’ They are both neutered and litter trained. Alpine would benefit from an indoor home as he is a white cat and more prone to ear cancer from too much sunlight.

Checkers.mp4 Checkers.mp4
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Checkers was born at the centre 12 months ago and he has so much love to give πŸ’•πŸ’• He has never had the chance to experience what a proper family home is like πŸ’” Checkers is a friendly, curious and playful cat. He is extremely well socialised. He is great with the other cats and would make a fabulous family pet. He is very affectionate and gentle but not demanding in any way. He would adapt to any home.

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