Take a shift at our rescue center in Ballyhaunis. This is a chance to take care of abused, abandoned and unwanted dogs & cats . We have a cattery full of beautiful cats and kittens that need feeding and caring for on a daily basis. There is also the dogs that need walking, feeding and giving cuddles. The morning shift is 10am - 1pm, the afternoon shift is 3 - 6pm. You commit to a minimum of one shift per month which you can pick as it suits you. 

  • Cats: Cleaning out the cattery. Refreshing the litter trays and water bowls. Putting animal blankets, toys and towels into the washing machines and dryers as necessary. Food bowls need hand washing, sorry no dishwasher!
  • Dogs: Cleaning the kennels. Putting animal blankets, toys and towels into the washing machines and dryers, as needed. Refresh water bowls. Food bowls need hand washing, sorry no dishwasher! Take dogs for a walk.

Fostering: To give an animal time with a family whilst he/she is waiting for their forever home is so rewarding. Not all animals can cope with the new stresses of a rescue center and will thrive far quicker in a home environment. This also prepares the animal for their forever home and enables the center to accommodate and care for more animals.

Office support: Filing, answering the phone, photocopying.

Veterinary visits: Collecting/ dropping off sick animals.

Fundraising: If you can help in any small or large way, it will be greatly appreciated. A few hours here and there will go along way to raising much needed funds to pay vet bills, food etc! 

The joy of fostering

A week in the life of a kitten found with its umbilical cord attached. This is the miracle of love 💖 the miracle of life 💖 the selfless act of being a foster parent to the tiniest of souls that would have no chance of survival without that gift. And we are so lucky to have one of the best 🥰 thank you Claire 🙏🏻

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